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Welcome to DiningDs - Lesbian Social and Dining Group.

DiningDs - Lesbian Events, Social Group and Dining Club based in Brighton

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Dining Ds (also known as DiningDykes) is a Lesbian Social and Lesbian Dining Group based in Brighton.

In addition to meals, we plan weekends away, trips to the cinema, theatre, music events, picnics, BBQs, drinks, Sunday roasts, Champagne Dining,  as well as many other activities.

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DiningDs - Lesbian Social and Lesbian Dining Group has its own Meet UP Group which allows members to suggest extra events to other members. Fancy going to the cinema on Saturday? Why not see who would like to come along too?

DiningDs was started so gay women could have a way of meeting other gay women off the scene. It's a great way of meeting new people, networking and there have also been several romances, two Civil Partnerships and even a baby!

The group is made up of women whose ages vary from 20s - 60s but the majority are in their 30s to 50s.
Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and income brackets and are a mixture of singles and couples.

Don't worry if you're coming alone - nearly everyone will be in the same boat or at least will have been. One of the great things about the group is how everyone is made to feel welcome and people are never left out.

What we do

So far members have had their own candle-lit live music events, picnics, BBQs, Sunday roasts, speed dating, a charity treasure hunt, an adventure day, Champagne Dining, been bowling, clubbing and been out for drinks.

And when do we do it

The meals are usually the last Saturday of the month and can be either lunch or dinner. Please visit the event section for details. 

Members are emailed details of events before they are added to the website so they have priority booking over potential new members. (Most of the meals sell out quite quickly).

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